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Body Scrub - Licensed Therapist

Body Scrub   | Thai Healing Massage Center - Houston, TX

Thai Healing Massage Center has a wide variety of services with various healing benefits so you can choose the body scrub that works best for your personal needs. Our licensed massage therapists are professional and courteous and will leave you wanting more!

We offer the following body scrub services:

Herbal Body Mud Masque—For this masque, your body will be wrapped in Dead Sea clay, herbs and spices. While the Dead Sea clay is rich in mineral content, the herbs and spices utilized will help to detoxify the body. You will feel a warming sensation during the wrapping process, and you will feel very relaxed. The masque will be personalized for you depending on your needs. We even cater to sensitive skin. Only $75 for 50 minutes of physical and mental bliss!

Facial Masque—The special herbs in our facial masque will clarify your skin while providing moisture. This masque is an excellent treatment for acne, blackheads, skin discoloration, sun spots, as well as to tone skin. Combined with a body scrub, our facial masque is just $20 and lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Herbal Body Scrub—Invigorate your skin, detoxify your pores and exfoliate your dead skin with our herbal body scrub loaded with custom Thai herb blends, seeds, spices and your choice of dead sea salt or sugar. All of our body scrubs are handmade in house. Only $50 for approximately 30 minutes.

Coffee Scrub—We love to drink coffee too, but it has even more purpose than providing us with caffeine! This aromatic blend of coffee and mint reduces the appearance of unattractive cellulite and exfoliates your dead skin to leave it glowing and baby soft. Only $50 for approximately 30 minutes.

Foot Scrub—A pleasurable and healing foot scrub can be included with your herbal body scrub or any other service for only $20. Reflexology and other methods are used to promote wellness and provide pleasure.

Servicing Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, we have various money-saving packages that include more than one service at a discount. Gift certificates are available so you can provide your loved ones with the gift of wellness. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and checks. Students with a valid ID, police officers, fire fighters and military personnel receive a 10% discount off any of our services!

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